i've been running on a no tomorrow road at great speed.

it's been a long time coming.

10 February

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So... I'm Zoe, 19 years old. I've finished high school (yay!!!) and am doing an Arts degree at uni. I may or may not have a *cough* small obsession with a number of TV shows which may or may not include Ashes to Ashes (TAKEN. OVER. MY. BRAIN.), Wire in the Blood, 30 Rock, Spooks and Doctor Who. I am of the opinion that Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris are quite possibly the best actresses on the planet, and that Tina Fey is most definitely the funniest. Hence my love of almost everything with them in it.

My journal's not friends-only, and I'm always open to making new friends, so add me if you want!